Application Migration

Businesses need to adapt to the new challenges and keep abreast with new technology developments to stay relevant in a marketplace that is always changing. Legacy applications need to stay ahead moving from traditional mainframe to client/server or web architecture that is more accessible and responsive to customer needs.

Motto Systems has a wealth of experience in handling the complex task of application migration and offers a flexible and secure process for moving your strategic applications to the new environment.

Our Solutions can find an answer for moving legacy systems on to more modern platforms - Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition or Windows Server 2008 etc.

Our professionals with expertise in several operating system platforms and database systems, work closely with you to understand issues faced by your business like complex architecture, deployment, scalability and performance issues, etc and accordingly provide solutions that will help your business with the right migration approach in a cost effective manner. This way, your business can achieve lower maintenance costs, better response time, improved scalability and enhanced business agility.

Our Application Migration Capabilities Include

  • Legacy Application re-design/ re-transform/ re-engineer Migration to multiple databases.
  • Database upgrade/migration to web platforms GUI migration Application implementation.
  • Training & maintenance and support.

If you’re planning to migrate business systems to a new platform, you can be assured that Motto Systems solutions will seamlessly facilitate the same and ensure optimum use of your IT resources well within your budget.