Application Re-Engineering

Established Product with passage of time become obsolete and lose their relevance unless they are re-engineered and upgraded. Companies often find it difficult to undertake the task on own as they require re-engineering of the product for a wide segment of potential customers while preserving the key customer segment. It’s a complex as well as a risky and an expensive task since it requires a special type of software engineering capabilities.

It’s here Motto Systems comes in. with our extensive experience and expertise in handling scores of such assignments, we possess the required capabilities to handle such an assignment. Using a highly developed and tested mass reengineering methodology involving a mix of automated impact assessment, data migration, technology migration system using tool-based reverse engineering, and forward engineering, conversion and testing tools, our solutions helps you to re-engineer and integrate them seamlessly in line with current requirements.

Our solutions include:

  • Code re-structuring
  • Re-documentation
  • Platform transitions
  • Language conversion
  • Migration to client/server and web
  • Porting and Data Migration
  • Legacy Systems and Application Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Application Integration

Our USP lies in our ability to shorten the project timeframe, reduce the project cost and mitigate the project risks through minimization of human error.

Over a period of time, your business needs would need a software development partner with the knowledge and expertise to help meet your diverse needs. Our professionals will work with you to recommend the right solutions with the functional and workflow changes to your software applications in a time bound and cost effective manner