Construction & engineering industry relies heavily on the reliable and timely supply of materials and resources. This calls for efficient asset management, including the capability to track multiple assets in real time, so crucial for the smooth running of operations.

The construction industry faces growing challenges of ensuring accurate and regular flow of information, like inventory data, transportation schedules, work rosters, delivery timetables, and so on, between construction company headquarters and construction sites, all the more wherein landline communications might be unavailable or unreliable.

It’s here Motto’s quality solutions can play a vital role. Our solutions can bring about effective integration of multiple data systems extending back-office systems to front-end clients. This enables construction workers and managers to smoothly access and consolidate mission-critical information within a single unified interface directly from the construction site. This in turn improves construction & engineering work processes, reduce errors, improve cost-efficiency, and increase collaboration with customers.

Other key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Quick analysis of data from various systems
  • Better informed decision making
  • Increased productivity and streamlined working processes
  • Increased return on investment (ROI) from existing applications
  • Ability to access and update key data from remote locations