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Today, Life Sciences industries that operate as a part of global production & supply chain are bound to comply with globally acclaimed quality standards to sustain their competitive edge. With it comes the pressure of recurrent audits that assay the consistency of compliance to the set standard operating procedures. Failing which, can impact the marketability of the final product.

For organizations, operating under such inflexible regimes can be arduous besides complete dependence on human skills can prove to be counterproductive. In such scenario, organizations are left with little choice but to keep trend with technological advancements.

And with Motto Systems’ GMPPro- (A Global Enterprise Quality & Compliance Management System) offering through-the-line solutions to holistically address the challenges across the Production Chain, Life Sciences industry gets the boost it deserves.

Motto Systems quality solutions enable Life Sciences Companies to achieve better efficiency gains and harness new revenue opportunities. Our software solutions help you overcome tough business challenges by providing an integrated, behind-the-firewall, social computing platform that supports better business collaboration, facilitates more effective communication, and improves worker knowledge. Furthermore, these solutions help reap the benefits of improved productivity, Higher revenues, Lower IT investment and support costs aided by better customer service/satisfaction.

Exclusive Pharmaceutical Quality Management System


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A flagship product from Motto Systems, GMPPro is an end to end solution for Life Science companies. A complete Web based Quality Management System that facilitates efficient management of Process capabilities, Regulatory and Quality compliance and documentation with proper cGMP and Quality guidelines. GMPPro is well fit for Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Food manufacturing Industries.

In a quality conscious world, there is always a constant need to measure and ensure quality throughout all aspects of the manufacturing process. Towards this end, it is essential that Drugs must be manufactured under stipulated conditions and practices as per GMP regulations. This GMP practices ensures that quality and safety gets built into the design process at every stage of the manufacturing cycle. GMPPro ensures that all GMP conditions are effectively met to ensure the smooth running of the manufacturing cycle, by guiding the on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and help them to take effective decisions during process deviations.

Versatile, scalable and broad-based, GMPPro is designed under the scope of ICH (International Conference on Harmonization) guidelines to achieve companies’ competitive advantage in terms of Quality compliance, robust process controls & checks and effective documentation practices. It effectively manages process activities with inbuilt cGMPs by tracking, verifying and validating drug product manufacturing process Quality Control, Quality Assurance and handling of mission-critical activities, without interrupting day-to-day activities.

Developed by industry-leading experienced professionals supplemented by latest technology and cost-effective methodologies, GMPPro can be configured to meet diverse regulatory compliance standards, such as FDA, MHRA, TGA, WHOGMP and many others.