Project Management

Every project at Motto Systems works in a professional and systematic manner as outlined below-


All issues are resolved with the customer by our Project Manager who is responsible for work planning, overall management and progress tracking. From the client side, a contact person termed as Project Co-coordinator works to provide more efficient communication and address all possible queries posed by our Project Manager. The entire process is carried out through a series of email, instant messengers, phone and personal meetings.


Once the project work is on track, our Project Manager works out a detailed plan to follow up each phase of the project work either weekly or more frequently. This facilitates efficient transparent tracking of the project status and gives an insight on how the costs works out at each stage of the project.


Transparency and insights gives the customer to send in change requests to our Project Manager so that needed changes can be accommodated and planning the future progress scope. This way the customer gets to easily control the timeline and budget of the project.


To ensure that offshore engagements are as low-risk as possible, the right set of multiple factors should be taken into account and needed ones incorporated. This way failure can be avoided and costs can be curtailed while enabling project delivery on time and on budget.


The last phase of Project Management that involves transfer of both documentation and knowledge, including specifications, design, test, release, guideline documents and user manuals and end-user or administrator trainings