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GMPPro Document Management System

GMPPro Document Management System

Integrating Technology with the Pharmaceutical Ecosystem

One of the key challenges in finding a reliable document management system for any pharmaceutical company is ensuring that it complies with current GxP, and regulatory requirements. All pharmaceutical companies want a software that maintains the security and accuracy of their documents, ensuring trackability and retrievability. Motto Systems has developed a DMS software with all these crucial pharmaceutical data needs in mind. As a proven software development company, we have developed a solution that provides our clients with a streamlined document management experience while cutting costs and enhancing security.

How Does e-DMS Help You?

Every pharmaceutical company produces a large volume of documents every day, taking up valuable time and resources. To cut back on administrative costs, you need an effective organizational tool with easy access, which is where e-DMS, our document management software comes in. Designed by Motto Systems as part of GMPPro, e-DMS helps you categorize, create, approve, access, and distribute documents. GMPPro’s e-DMS secures your documents from unauthorized modification, distribution, downloads, and printing.

Create, Store, Modify and Send Documents with Ease

  •   By creating various folders and subfolders, GMPPro’s e-DMS allows users to define a complete document structure. This saves a lot of time and effort throughout the life cycle of a document.

  •   With the DMS software, one can convert files, such as MS Word files to PDF files, for further circulation.

  •   Forms and Formats help users in managing various data recording sheets. Integrative tools help personalize documents for enhanced workflow.

  •   Review and approvals give you the option to distribute documents to multiple departments, allowing them to view the content, leave comments, revise, and edit.

  •   Finalize documents, request approval, and generate electronic signatures.

  •   Completed documents can be sent for training purposes or distribution.

e-DMS Security Features

With GMPPro’s e-DMS, you can ensure your documents’ security. The software provides the tools to oversee all document operations like number of document prints, downloads, and reconciling document submissions . It creates a controlled environment for handling document operations, thus minimizing gaps in the mishandling of documents. GMPPro’s DMS software’s user permissions provides administrators a central control system to authorize and track different documents.

  •   Some user permissions include printing, re-printing, and downloading authorizations; unauthorized handling of documents is completely controlled.

  •   For additional security, GMPPro’s e-DMS provides a record of all actions taken on a document, providing time, date, and user history.

Why Use Motto’s e-DMS for your Pharmaceutical Company?

GMPPro’s DMS software simplifies your administrative duties by creating a centralized archive of your company’s documents. The easy-to-use software reduces the time it takes to retrieve documents by streamlining your database functions. e-DMS also encourages a paperless environment, reducing the amount of physical space needed to store files and minimizing data error and loss.

GMPPro’s document management software comes with user-friendly dashboards, complete with alerts and notifications to inform administrators of pending activities. DMS provides your company with a complete audit trail and is compliant with 21 CFR PART-11 and FDA regulations. Motto Systems customizes all our DMS solutions to our customers’ SOPs for the best results. Enhance your company’s administrative workflow with this reliable, all-inclusive software and level-up today.

Salient Features

  • Creates a repository of all documents submitted and approved, with records of the entire document trail.

  • Provides templates to help format dossier creation of regulatory submissions.
  • Provides integrative tools to incorporate business processes into the management of documents for effective workflow.
  • Compatible with other parallel quality & compliance processes.
  • Adaptable to document revision based on events happening across processes.
  • Advanced folder creation, view, and search functionality
  • Classifying documents based on document groups & assigns meta-tags for easy management.
  • Bulk action capability on clinical trial documents
  • Advanced security for user access at various levels of the Organization.
  • Comprehensive dashboard providing folder and document overview.
  • Controls processes for editing, revising, and approving.
  • Facility to sign and approve documents electronically with name, date, and time.
  • Instant retrieval and access to the right documents, anytime and anywhere.

Motto Systems process and document management software provide a solid foundation for effective document control making compliance easier and quick. Our solution promotes the efficiency of workflow and takes collaborative actions of the company to the next level.

If you are ready to streamline your pharmaceutical document handling, contact us for a free demo today.

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