Designed to focus on creating paperless environment and employees to
manage their documents remotely and securely

GMPPro Document Management System

Integrating Technology with the Pharmaceutical Ecosystem

Strict standards regulate product development activities of pharmaceutical companies from the preclinical stage through to the post-market stage. Specific conformance requirements on SOPs, compliances like GCP, GLP, and CGMP mark the processes. In the course of operations, voluminous amounts of data meant for processing is generated. From a compliance point of view maintaining data security and accuracy of data is critical. Addressing concerns, an effective document control and management system is crucial to ensure documents are preserved traceable, retrievable, revisable and approvable when needed.

Motto Systems, a proven player in the area of quality management systems, shows how software solutions can leverage processes and resolve challenges of document control and management. Built in accordance to the highest DMS compliant procedures, our solution comes with an end-to-end set of features spanning the whole document life cycle from pre-clinical to post-clinical phase to submission and archiving of regulatory documents.

Salient Features

  • Creates a repository of all documents submitted and approved, with records of the entire document trail.

  • Provides templates to help format dossier creation of regulatory submissions.
  • Provides integrative tools to incorporate business processes into the management of documents for effective workflow.
  • Compatible with other parallel quality & compliance processes.
  • Adaptable to document revision based on events happening across processes.
  • Advanced folder creation, view, and search functionality
  • Classifying documents based on document groups & assigns meta-tags for easy management.
  • Bulk action capability on clinical trial documents
  • Advanced security for user access at various levels of the Organization.
  • Comprehensive dashboard providing folder and document overview.
  • Controls processes for editing, revising, and approving.
  • Facility to sign and approve documents electronically with name, date, and time.
  • Instant retrieval and access to the right documents, anytime and anywhere.

Motto Systems process and document management software provide a solid foundation for effective document control making compliance easier and quick. Our solution promotes the efficiency of workflow and takes collaborative actions of the company to the next level.