Training itself is a bigger tool to improve the employee performance resulting
better productivity & quality standards

GMPPro Training Management System


Your Ally in Quality Conformance

Receptive to technology and innovations pharmaceutical companies are gaining momentum for crucial discoveries and development of significant drugs. In the activity of enhancing human lives, the pharmaceutical companies are naturally subject to regulation. Notwithstanding stringent regulations, pharmaceutical companies are known to be delivering to high global standards.

Compliant delivery is a mandate. Achievable through not only established procedures, protocols, or quality management processes alone but also a comprehensive training solution that connects learning outcomes back to the organization. Of tactical advantage to customers is Motto Systems solution. FDA compliant, endorsing critical training like SOP, CGMP, and protocols like IQ, OQ, and PQ training, and moreover conforming to 21CFR Part II guidelines.

The solution emphasizes focused learning. To say, a set objective is broken down into specific learning components for reinforcing proper performance. Gives access to re-training in the flow of work for effective learning. Ensures learners have read and understood the revisions and are applying the revised knowledge immediately to daily tasks. It's this unique capability to deliver contextual content to each learner without delay or interruption that sets it distinct from other solutions.

Built to standards in vogue, empowering organizations to align learning across internal and external quality systems, the solution gathers critical metrics that can be measured against quality objectives, helping learners to instill the right behavior for better performance with decreased deviation events.

Salient Features

  • Ease of identifying and assigning training to each employee or group.

  • Completely automated. Tracks training tasks, sends notifications to users and escalates issues to the trainers, if any.
  • Amenable to one time, event-based or schedule based training
  • Configurable to organizations' SOPs, cGMPs, etc
  • Automatic archiving of training histories for easy retrieval and reporting.
  • Proper identification and maintenance of training requirements, courses, and materials.
  • Flexible to accommodate continuous change in staff, operations, regulations, and training activities/materials, etc.
  • Identification of re-training needs and rolling out of an appropriate program.
  • Ensure all training programs are completed on time with suitable escalations to the concerned
  • User-friendly dashboards to learners to select and enroll for training
  • Real-time access for trainers to manage and update training requirements
  • Compatible to be paired with CAPA, change control, deviation management, etc
  • Integrative to DMS to access new or revised training documents
  • Built to standards and meeting all regulatory compliances.

Training support is bound to learning inseparably. The organizations’ emphasis on training is because a certain outcome is desired in a quality-driven regime. Learners are expected to be performing the actions appropriately and correctly. In the context, Motto Systems solution is an invaluable tool for supporting valuable performance.

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